Nutritional facts per 1kg. Carbohydrate – 67.86%, Fat – 0.75%, Protein – 6.05%, crude Fibre – 1.8%, moisture – 6.2% and PH – 6.5%.

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Cassava Flour (Pupuru)

Pupuru is a traditional African food made from cassava tubers. It is commonly consumed by the people of riverine area of the western, southern, eastern and middle belt of Nigeria where it is known as “Ikwurikwu”. It is not like garri, lafun or fufu which are all locally made from cassava but it has cassava as a common ingredient. It is a food to love and offers varieties of benefits.

Cassava Flour (Pupuru) is an easy, fast and straight forward meal which anybody can easily prepare. It may be served with Egusi soup, okro soup, vegetable soup or any soup of your choice.


NAFDAC No: 01-0621-333L


Ingredients: 100% Cassava Roots

Addictives:              None (100% Natural)

Appearance:           Powder

Colour:                     White

Smell:                       Odourless

Size Available:    500grams – 25kilograms



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