Nutritional facts per 1kg. Carbohydrate – 90.05%, Fat – 2.71%, Dietary Fibre – 3.05%, Crude Protein -1.05% and Cholesterol- 0%

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Cassava Flour (Garri Ijebu)

This is simply the best garri ever! This cassava cereal is made by Ijebu farmers who have made the handicraft creation of garri renowned to all – both locals and foreigners alike. Our garri is carefully processed to perfection without any synthetic chemical to produce the finest grains ever with 100% cassava tubers. The flavor is pleasantly sour which makes this product ideal for “soaking” or drinking. Enjoy with sugar and/condensed milk when soaking or can be made into eba for a heavier meal.


Johnskem Cassava Flour (Garri Ijebu) is made from the finest cassava. It has been hygienically prepared and very suitable for drinking and eating. It is stone free, jaw slapping, crunchy and has a sour taste.




Ingredients: 100% Cassava Roots

Addictives:              None (100% Natural)

Appearance:           Flakes

Colour:                     White

Smell:                       Odourless

Size Available: 500grams – 25kilograms


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